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In reverse chronological order:

Mural art vs. graffiti crime (by B.Benner 1-29-08)


 For full article, click here: (article)

9-9-06 -- Wild Car Wreck

As Reported by Lisa Hoffman:  Around 4am on Saturday,9/9/06, our neighborhood was awakened by a lot of noise resulting from a drunk driver who ended up on the roof of my neighbor's house. He actually managed to take out the fence across the street, hit the house, and wreck the parked car now on its side under the carport before catching on fire and landing on the roof. They had to bring in a big crane to get the car off the roof.  The house in the picture is the one on the southwest corner of 51st and Avenue G. The driver hurt his ankle but that could have been when he jumped off the roof.

5-30-06 -- 5117 N. Lamar demolished

The old "Happy Hunting" / nursing home at 5117 N. Lamar is being demolished.  Long a hangout for vagrants and graffiti artists, this blight in our neighborhood is finally going away.  The current owner has indicated his plans are to build a mixed-use structure later this year, but has not made firm plans yet.

5-20-06 -- New Nelray Construction

After the destruction of 106 and 107 Nelray, Lee Properties quickly built these rather large, new buildings.  The plans for these buildings were submitted before the city moratorium on massive home construction, so they are not affected by the so-called McMansion ordinance.

3-6-06 -- Interesting new developments

There may be a new mixed-use development on the Eastern edge of our neighborhood on Middle Fiskville Road.  An aerial photo of the area can be viewed here, and a PDF document describing the project can be downloaded by clicking here.

2-24-06 -- 107 Nelray is Destroyed
Lee Properties moved very quickly to destroy 107 Nelray and begin construction of a new structure before the city's moratorium on so-called "McMansions" takes effect.  106 Nelray across the street will be destroyed soon.

Nelray Demolition

2-20-06 -- Freescale Marathon Visits Northfield

Freescale Marathon 1 On Sunday, February 19, runners in the Freescale Marathon braved sub-freezing temperatures to run through the streets of Austin.  The elite runners began arriving at the 17 mile mark in the Northfield neighborhood, running down North Loop a little before 9:00 in the morning.

Freescale Marathon 2

2-15-06 -- Lee Properties move to implement more demolition and new construction

106 and 107 Nelray are the newest properties in the neighborhood slated for demolition.  In their place will be constructed new homes by Emrobrai Homes, which is a subsidiary of Lee Properties.  Lee Properties has been responsible for the spate of new houses that have recently been built around the neighborhood.  Many people in the neighborhood have objected to the Lee Property developments for a variety of reasons, describing them as "super-twos" and "McMansions" and "student dorms."
2-15-06 -- Austin Music Co-Op sold

The building that currently houses the Austin Music Co-Op at the corner of Nelray and Guadalupe has recently been sold.  It is unclear at this time who the new owners are, or what plans they have for the building.

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