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The NNA By-Laws


Article I - NAME

The name of this organization is the "Northfield Neighborhood Association" also referred to herein as the "Association".


1. Membership in the Association shall be open to all residents, non-resident property owners and business owners within the boundaries of 51st Street, Koenig Lane, Airport Boulevard and Lamar Boulevard.

2. Membership in the Association is contingent upon payment of the annual membership fee, as follows: a. $5 per adult resident; b. $10 per non-resident property owner; or c. $10 per business. The annual membership fee secures association voting rights of one vote per membership. No business or non-resident property owner may have more than one vote.

3. All income derived by NNA is designated to cover the cost of Newsletter production, meeting signs, and Association operating costs (postage, flyer production and distribution, supplies for Association and Association events, ANC Membership Dues, NNA Website expenses, and the NNA post office box). Any other use of Association income must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Association members in attendance at a scheduled monthly Association meeting.


1. The Association will hold regular monthly meetings. The specific time and place of each meeting will be set by the Executive Committee (defined in Article V).

2. Nominations for officers will be taken at the regular March meeting. The election of officers will take place at the regular April meeting.

3. . Special meetings of the Association may be called by the President or any ten (10) members of the Association, with the time and place to be decided by the president or by consensus of the members calling the meeting. Special meetings must be publicly announced (announced at a regular meeting, by e-mail to the Association mailing list, or in the Association newsletter delivered to each residence) at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting.


1. The Officers of the Association are as follows: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, WebMaster, Newsletter Distribution Coordinator, and Keeper of the Green. Other subordinate officers may be appointed by the Executive Committee (defined in Article V).

2. Regular attendance by officers at Association meetings is expected. If an officer fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings, the executive committee has the option to dismiss, by a majority vote, and a replace that officer through an election at the next regular meeting. All officers help the president to create agendas for monthly meetings and help to facilitate meetings. Officers also help to coordinate neighborhood events.

3. Officers will be elected by a majority vote at the regular April Association meeting. Officers will serve for one year from the day of the election. Officers may be re-elected without term limits. Vacancies will be filled at a regular meeting of the Association and will be effective for the remainder of the term.

4. The President is the public representative and spokesperson for the Association. The President will preside at all meetings of the Association. The President is also co-owner with the Treasurer for the Association bank account; either the president or the treasurer may sign checks on the Association account. The President or a designated representative is expected to attend Austin Neighborhood Council meetings and North Loop Neighborhood Planning Team meetings.

5. The vice-president will assume all responsibilities of the office of the president should the president be absent or unable to serve.

6. The Treasurer is responsible for accepting, recording and depositing all Association income, managing the Association bank account, paying Association bills, maintaining financial records, and delivering a financial report at every Association meeting.

7. The Secretary is responsible for taking and publishing Association meeting minutes, for tallying and recording any vote taken at an Association meeting, and for maintaining membership records.

8. The Newsletter Editor is responsible for coordinating production and printing of the Association newsletter.

9. The Newsletter Distribution Coordinator is responsible for coordinating volunteers to distribute the Association newsletter.g) by creating new web pages, updating and maintaining the site in a timely manner.

10. The WebMaster is responsible for the moderating the NNA e-mail discussion list, enforcing the rules of civility and etiquette on the discussion list; maintaining the NNA website (www.northfieldna.org) by creating new web pages, updating and maintaining the site in a timely manner.

11. The Keeper of the Green is responsible for coordinating all volunteer efforts for care and condition of Bruning Green.


1. All Association officers will comprise the Executive Committee, with the President serving as Chair.

2. Ad hoc or standing committees can be created as need occurs. Ad hoc and standing committees will be appointed by the Executive Committee, subject to final approval by a majority vote of the Association.


The guidelines and rules of procedure will be enforced by the presiding officer. All meetings of the Association will be governed by the following guidelines and rules:

1. Association meetings will be conducted in an atmosphere of community respect and courtesy. To support this:
      A. Written agendas, including time allotments per topic, will be distributed through the Association electronic discussion list approximately 1 week prior to the meeting and in writing at the meeting.
      B. Meetings will begin and end on time.
      C. All opinions will be respected and, within time restraints, all persons will have equal opportunity to participate in discussion.
      D. Association decisions will be made by a vote of members following rules defined within the Association by-laws.

2. A quorum, which is defined as 10 Association members, must be present for any voting to occur. Members must be physically present to vote for any issue with the exception of officer elections and amendments to the by-laws, as described in Article VI, Item 8.

3. A clear, public motion will be made by an Association member and recorded by the Secretary. If there is a second for that motion made by another Association member, then the process moves to discussion.

4. The President or presiding officer sets a time limit for discussion, and asks members to comment on the motion. When the time limit expires, the time limit can be extended by a majority vote.

5. After discussion, a new statement of the motion is made (possibly identical to the original motion), and is seconded by another Association member. The Secretary records this new motion and calls for a vote.

6. The Secretary reminds members that current membership is required for voting. Voting is conducted by a show of hands except as noted in Article VI, Item 8. The Secretary counts and records the votes.

7. Majority of votes determines outcomes except where otherwise noted in the by-laws.

8. Paper ballots will be used to elect officers and adopt changes to the by-laws. For paper-ballot votes, members need not be present to vote. A member may request a paper ballot from the President up to 2 calendar days prior to the meeting where the vote will take place, and may vote by giving the completed ballot to any member of the Executive Committee prior to the meeting.


The by-laws will be reviewed at the beginning of each calendar year to ensure they are appropriate. If changes are necessary, a subcommittee will be formed to revise them before the April Association meeting.

To amend the by-laws of the Association, proposed amendments must be presented in writing at a monthly meeting and must also be sent to members through the NNA electronic discussion list, giving all members a month to read and consider the proposed amendment. At the next monthly meeting, proposed amendments may be approved upon a two-thirds vote of association members present.

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